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Trive, the best way to buy cars and motorbikes online


The Spanish company Trive (www.gotrive.com) was conceived, implemented and developed by B4Motion (a Bergé Auto company), to provide users with a complete online vehicle purchasing process experience from start to finish. Now, the company is expanding its offer with the incorporation of motorbike brands. With this, the platform has become Europe’s most complete online marketplace.

Trive, which began operations in 2017, stands out as a clear star on the automobile stage, offering a marketplace where users can find, test, buy, or lease new and used vehicles, all of which takes place 100% online.

Trive has become the only online multi-brand dealership to cover the various phases of acquiring a vehicle on a single platform. This allows buyers to purchase their vehicle wherever they want in just 15 days, including the process of searching, comparing, test driving, selecting a payment method, and other services. All of this without leaving their homes or the digital environment.

“This step is the natural evolution of our business. A few years ago, the idea for Trive arose, as a way to provide an online solution to satisfy the needs of any individual wanting to purchase a vehicle in an easy, quick, and transparent way through a purely online process that provides a meticulous and unique experience”, says Trive CEO Samuel Pulido.

Now, motorbikes are seeing strong growth in Spain as a result of traffic congestions, new pollution protocols, and traffic restrictions in city centers. Trive is taking a step forward to expand its business with the arrival of motorbikes and their inclusion in this online vehicle sales and added services project.

Trive users can now buy vehicles from brands like Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia, and Moto Guzzi entirely online, wherever and whenever they want. With these additions, there are now more than 30 vehicle brands that have entrusted Trive to sell their vehicles online.