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The Subaru BRZ Pentacar enters into competition to complete its development


The Subaru BRZ Pentacar is moving on to its final development stage after going through an ambitious initial test programme with highly satisfactory results that demonstrated its great reliability.

With support and collaboration from Subaru España, which has been involved in the project from the start, it will compete in 3 trials in different Spanish Championships, making it a unique multi-disciplinary racing vehicle.

The goal of this new phase is to continue advancing in the fine tuning of the vehicle, in order to ensure an optimal response on the best testing-ground possible: competing at the highest possible level in the 3 disciplines where it is planned to compete next year.

Subaru BRZ Pentacar y Antonio Albacete

This new development phase will be completed with the BRZ Pentacar’s participation in the Spanish Dirt Track Rally Championship (CERT), the Bierzo Dirt Track Rally on 24 and 25 June at the hand of Amador Vidal, the CERT champion for its last two editions. Later, on 23 and 24 September, it will participate in the Spanish Road Rally Championships’ (CERA) Villa de Llanes Rally, whose pilot is yet to be confirmed. This comes in addition to its 22 and 23 May participation in the Spanish Endurance Championship (CER) held on the Navarre circuit.