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The SKBergé project “Inclusion Programme for Disabled People”, earns the international “Zero Project Innovative Practice 2017 Award”


The project “Inclusion Programme for Disabled People” run in Chile by SKBergé, a subsidiary of Bergé Auto, has been honoured with the international “Zero Project Innovative Practice 2017 Award”. This recognition, awarded by the Foundation of Austrian origin “ESSL”, devoted to working to improve the living conditions and rights of all people with disabilities in the world, compiles and values the best practices and policies carried out by companies collaborating in this cause.

The SKBergé “Inclusion Programme” was selected from among 260 participating projects, highlighting the flexibility and commitment it demonstrates in inclusion matters. Its ability to create partnerships with organisations such as “Fundación Descúbreme”, “SENCE”, “Chile Valora”, “OTIC” of the Chilean Chamber of Construction” and the Certification Centre of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, was also recognised by the Foundation, emphasising that these partnerships enabled the highly successful results achieved in effectively promoting work inclusion for disabled people.

The award was presented at the United Nations Office at its headquarters in Vienna, and was attended by important Chilean officials such as the Minister of Labour, Alejandra Krauss and the National Director of “SENCE”, Pedro Goic. In addition to the awards ceremony itself, various activities were held, which included plenary sittings and workshops on the subject of work inclusion.

The model developed by SKBergé is based mainly on offering tools that can enhance the employability of young people with intellectual disabilities and open up work opportunities for them, in a context of learning and development. It also has the great merit of being the first training programme to certify the labour skills of people with intellectual disabilities in Chile.

SKBergé has fostered work inclusion by creating links with special education establishments, promoting training for people with cognitive disabilities and establishing working practices in a variety of areas of the company. During 2017, the company will be running this programme for the third year in a row, and will provide opportunities and tools to ten young people with intellectual disabilities.

Matías Cáceres, the Managing Director of Retail at SKBergé in Chile, said that “it is a tremendous source of pride for the company to be recognised for this work inclusion programme to which we are fully committed as a company, representing a great challenge, but which also fills us with great satisfaction with the results achieved.”

Together with this recognition, in 2016 SKBergé also received other encouragements for its work on inclusion, such as obtaining the “Chile Inclusive Stamp”, awarded by the Chilean State through its National Disability Service.