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The new Subaru Trezia in Spain


Over the course of last week the new Subaru Trezia was presented in Madrid.

This Subaru model represents a new value proposal for the brand, aimed at satisfying the growing demand in Europe for cars which are compact in size and which respect the environment.Furthermore, the new Trezia offers all of the benefits you would expect from a station wagon, but with a body which is less than 4 metres long.

With emissions of 113g/km (motor diesel), the Trezia combines respect for the environment with superb driving performance.A 1.3 litre petrol engine and a 1.4 diesel engine will be available on the Spanish market.In both cases the levels of fuel consumption are extraordinarily low – 5.5l / 100km for the petrol version and 4.3l / 100km for the diesel version.

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El Trezia comes standard with the highest levels of active and passive safety features, including the following:7 airbags (front and side airbags, curtain and knee for the driver), ABS, stability control system, electronic brake force distribution system, traction control, electronic stability control system, among others.

This new model is available in three trims:Advance (only for the petrol version), Limited and Limited Plus (only for the diesel versions).

It is also worth highlighting the “Multimode Transmission” (MMT), a new automated manual transmission, without a clutch pedal.It allows the driver to choose between two methods of changing gears:totally automatic or manual, with a gear shift on the steering wheel (only available for the Limited Plus version).