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The BYD K9 electric bus is tested by EMT and TMB


EMT used its own operations centre in Carabanchel (Madrid) to simulate a regular line and perform intensive testing of BYD K9 for three days in which, in addition to verifying the suitability of battery autonomy, they tested bus behaviour under various highly demanding driving conditions.

As for TMB, it preferred to test BYD K9 in real driving conditions, although with no passengers on board, in its regular lines 44 y 55. Bus behaviour in real city conditions and traffic was outstanding.

The outcome of both tests has been extremely satisfactory, proving the robustness and manufacturing quality of BYD K9, as well as its exceptional dynamic qualities. In addition, they highlight its operational autonomy, unique in its segment, as a result of BYD’s top-notch technology capabilities in the field of batteries.  And all this with full respect for the environment, as it is a Full Electric  vehicle with “0 emissions”, a key factor for future transportation in the main world cities.

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BYD K9 is distributed in Spain by Bergé Automoción. The bus is manufactured in China and has 100% electric propulsion. BYD K9 is a vehicle for urban use, and its passenger capacity is configured on the basis of customer needs: it has a low platform and a ramp for wheelchair access. The vehicle is 13 m long, 2.55 m wide and 3.3 m high. It weighs 13.5 tonnes.  The bus is driven by two electric engines with a total rated power of 180 kilowatts (245 hp). It can reach a maximum speed of 96 km/h.

The engine is powered by a Lithium-Ion engine with an iron core (LiFePO4); the battery pack can be physically arranged into various configurations depending on the vehicle bodywork and the operating company’s requirements (the most frequent position is on the wheel columns). Batteries are regenerated (i.e. recover part of their load) when braking, as the engine acts in reverse and generates energy, turning kinetic energy into electricity which loads the batteries. In addition, the solar panels on the K9 roof provide additional energy. The battery pack is fully recharged in about six hours.

At full battery load capacity, the vehicle’s autonomy is 250 km, more than enough to ensure service in any city line.

A fleet of more than 200 units of the BYD K9 electric bus services travellers in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, and agreements have been signed to supply units to the cities of Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Amsterdam, and Shiermonnikoog (the Netherlands).