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Tata Motors and the Movele plan


In a massive act that was held on the outdoor terrace of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, presided over by Mr. Miguel Sebastián, the MOVELE Project was officially presented.  It is also important to underline the presence of the mayors of the Municipalities of Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. All of them are relevant partners and collaborators to this project

At this same ceremony, some of the vehicles assigned to this program were displayed. Of note among them were models by Tata Motors.

At present, TATA MOTORS is developing the latest technology for electric vehicles. This is why two of its star models, the innovative Indica Vista and the original ACE, are part of the product catalog included in the IDAE Pilot Initiative for Electric Mobility (MOVELE Plan), encouraged by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.

Tata Indica Vista

This is an electric version of the Indica Vista that has been developed together with “Miljo Grenland AS”, a Norwegian company specializing in implementing innovative solutions for electric vehicles. A 50.3% of it belongs to the Tata Motors subsidiary in the United Kingdom.

The Indica EV will be equipped with lithium ion super polymer batteries whose energy capacity is much greater than conventional batteries. The 100% recharge time is 8 hours, and its autonomy ranges at about 200 km, offering a maximum speed of 100 km per hour.

It is expected to be marketed in Spain by the middle of next year.

Tata ACE

The other great new release was the Tata ACE. A commercial van propelled by a 5.2 Kw motor, with which it reaches 40 km per hour. It is capable of carrying a maximum load of 750 kg, and it has autonomy for 50 km. It is recharged by connecting it to any plug on the regular power grid.


Built in India, they are modified in Spain, specifically by “HISPANO CARROCERA”, on of the largest companies in Europe for passenger transportation solutions. Their specialty is building bodies for buses and minibuses. Since 1995, Tata Motors has been the owner of 21% of the company.

This innovative vehicle had its great “real life” test at the “Expo de Zaragoza 2008”. Thirteen TATA ACE units extraordinarily performed a wide variety of tasks, from cargo vehicles and logistical support, to the VIP car for transporting authorities inside the exhibition premises.