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Subaru achieves “pole position” with its school vehicle for young drivers


Following an ambitious programme of technical development and evolution based on a strictly production BRZ, the new Subaru competition car has been the vehicle chosen by the federation to promote grassroots motorsport in our country, offering a competitive vehicle with rear-wheel drive that allows young drivers under 30 to gain valuable experience in various competition disciplines at the national level, during which they will benefit from the advice of experienced drivers in each area and will have the incentive of three major prizes for the winners in each of the respective specialities. However, the multidisciplinary competition will also be open to anyone who wants to fulfil their dream of competing in a single season in a championship that brings together so many different specialities.


The calendar for the new Pentacampeonato (“five-discipline championship”) will include a variety of very different challenges in races involving both endurance on the racetrack and also national championship-style rallies both on and off-road, as well as hill climbing and ice circuits, making the Subaru BRZ the only racing car in the world able to offer multidisciplinary experience to its drivers. It is an ideal training vehicle thanks to the sportiness, strength and lightness of the standard model on which it is based, and the low centre of gravity provided by the strictly production atmospheric boxer engine, proof of the reliability of the Subaru engines used in the world of racing.

The opposed-cylinder engine and its control unit are completely standard and deliver 210 hp at 7,100 rpm and a 235 Nm torque at 6,800 rpm, slightly improving on the original figures for the model thanks solely to the use of an HKS intermediate manifold and exhaust line and an FIA catalytic converter, and a specially designed final section of the exhaust. The total weight of the car is kept down to approximately 1,200 kg depending on the speciality.

The debut of the BRZ Pentacar will take place in 2016, once the definitive timetable for the events has been published.