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SsangYong in the "Baja Aragón"


The postponement and later suspension of the Baja Andalucía caused a break in the calendar which Oscar Fuertes and Dani Cué took advantage of in order to prepare the Baja Aragón with various training days at the Masia Pelarda facilities in Teruel. These conditions are highly similar to those which will be found on the Aragón race, and various series of different lengths have been carried out in order polish up adjustments and fine tune “Malabestia”.


The world championship race will once again have Teruel as its epicentre and will kick off on Friday the 24th with a prologue in which the starting order for the race on Saturday will be established. On Sunday will take place another special race with an itinerary of over 700 kilometres. The terrain will be the typical fast and off-road tracks with continuous changes in speed, interspersed with steep descents and river crossings that will put the vehicles’ ability and reliability to the test, along with the drivers’ endurance.

Oscar Fuertes is optimistic: “We’re giving it our best, it’s not just another race, it’s a showcase on a worldwide level, and we want to do well. We’ve seen that even in adverse conditions, we can be really high up with our SsangYong, and there couldn’t be a better chance than this to show it”.

On the itinerary and the race itself, he explains: “We will have to do well in the prologue in order to end up mixed in with the World Cup heavy-hitters. You have to take into account that the principal World Championship drivers can be repositioned in front of us, even in the worst weather conditions. Then during the race you have to take care of the vehicle because the pit-stop times are minimal. You have to adopt a fast pace at all times in order to achieve your highest goal possible.”