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SKBerge and Mitsubishi Corp. in Peru


SKBergé has reached an agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation to become part of Mitsubishi Autos del Peru, which implies representing the Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi Fuso brands in this market.


As a result of this agreement, SKBergé will hold a 51% share and Mitsubishi Corp. will hold a 49% share of Mitsubishi Autos del Peru, making it the new partner of reference in the Peruvian automobile market for the Japanese giant.

The objective of this capital structure is to share the successful business model of SKBergé and to obtain its investment for a solid growth of the company and the brand in Peru. It should be remarked that SKBergé also represents the Mitsubishi brand in the Chilean market.

This is further evidence of the interest of Bergé Automoción in Latin American countries of the Pacific area, an example of which is the entry of SK Bergé in the Colombian market last November, with the designation of this company as importer for the Chrysler – Jeep® – Dodge – Ram and Mopar brands.

Bergé Automoción, after 10 years of presence in Latin America, thus consolidates its position as a partner of reference in the automobile sector for the Asia-Latin America business axis.

As relates to Peru, SKBergé began its operations in late 2000 and now enjoys an 11.3% share of the total Peruvian market, representing brands such as KIA, Chery, MG, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, a share that it naturally expects to increase by incorporating Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi Fuso.