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The Cabo de Hornos, manned by Felipe Cubillos and José Muñoz


The Cabo de Hornos, sponsored by SK Bergé and manned by Felipe Cubillos and José Muñoz, passed the Azores today in its speedy race toward victory in the Portimao Global Ocean Race. Just a few days separate the winners from their trophy; something that could only be prevented by a true mishap after having sailed around the world.


After three months of hard struggle against the elements, the traps set by the world’s seas and oceans, and the tough competition with rivals, the goal is approaching them at a dizzying pace.

The winning ship is expected in the port of Portimao in a matter of days. The awards ceremony will take place in the Portuguese village on June 26th of this year. As things stand, everything points toward the victory for the general classification going to the ship sponsored by SK Bergé.