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Rubén Gracia and Mitsubishi on its way towards the Dakar Rally


“To undertake a challenge of this magnitude entails an almost superhuman effort in all aspects.” said Rubén Gracia to the media and attendants on the 17th November during a press conference held at Madrid’s Jarama circuit, “After many days working to set up the entire project, I can finally say that my dream to go to the Rally Dakar has become a reality. And I have been able to do so because I have carried in my heart the brand that has helped me attain my biggest successes, Mitsubishi”.


Last Friday, 20th November, the European test caravan aimed its logistics towards the American continent. In just a few days they will board at the French port of Le Havre and depart to Buenos Aires, arriving on the 28th December.

We wish Ruben and the Mitsubishi team all the luck in the world.