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Repsol and SsangYong España reach an agreement to promote the use of AutoGas


Repsol and SsangYong España have signed an important collaboration agreement under which the two companies will work together to promote the use of vehicles powered by AutoGas, the world’s most-used alternative fuel.

The collaboration agreement includes Repsol incorporating various AutoGas-powered SsangYong Tivoli vehicles into their corporate carsharing fleet, in addition to establishing a close technical collaboration for the development and optimisation of the performance and consumption of engines using this technology.


Both companies will make important efforts in communications and promotion with the goal of spreading information on the benefits of AutoGas on a commercial stage, collaborating closely on specific campaigns in order to make the fuel’s numerous benefits known, and increase market share. The commercial push for this technology will also be seen in the leasing sector, where monthly payments will be less than equivalent versions of vehicles powered by traditional fossil fuels.

The bi-fuel versions of the SsangYong models Tivoli and XLV are equipped with two tanks, one with gasoline and the other with gas, and can run interchangeably on either fuel, offering an autonomy of more than 1,000 kms. When using AutoGas, per kilometre savings can reach 40%, maintaining a significantly lower emissions level than equivalent versions powered by traditional fossil fuels while offering the same level of performance and similar refuelling time.