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Prize to the President of BYD


The President of BYD (Chuanfu Wang) yesterday received the Chinese equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize for his important contributions to the economic and environmental recovery in China.


Chuanfu Wang has been recognised for his innovative advances in electric mobility, solar power and storage systems and energy efficiency. This award has assessed the role of BYD as “leading the Chinese automobile industry in electric vehicle innovations, creating economic wealth and providing lower CO2 emissions, resulting in a more environmentally friendly solution for our transport needs”.

A symbolic example of how the different BYD technical solutions are put into practice are the several projects geared to offering electric power in different remote areas of Tibet. Wang stated, “our aim is to make BYD a responsible company which is environmentally friendly and to generously devote our time, talent and technology to assist the economic and environmental recovery of our world communities”.

The CPAIC Prize is awarded every two years and is one of the most prestigious in China, with a purse of over $4.5 million dollars.