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New Brand for SKBergé in Colombia


Incorporating Volvo will help to reinforce the portfolio of brands which are currently distributed within Colombia (Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep), and helps to strengthen the commitment of SKBergé* among Latin American countries based in the Pacific region.

As of today, SKBergé* is one of the leading private distributors of automobiles in Latin America, with a presence in Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina, representing a total of 17 different brands.

A record year for sales

Bergé Automoción ended the 2012 financial year with over 85,000 units sold (including both distribution and retail), representing an increase of 11% compared to 2011. As for business within the Latin American market, SKBergé* closed its fiscal year in 2012 with an 18% increase in sales compared to 2011, and almost 50% compared to 2010.  In terms of individual markets, sales in Chile were a particular highlight, exceeding 41,000 units (including both, distribution and retail), resulting in a market share of 10.5%. And Peru, with sales in excess of 31,000 units (including both, distribution and retail) and a market share of 14.3%, has helped SKBergé* become the third largest car dealer in that particular country.

The figures achieved over recent years provide justification for the business model which has been developed by SKBergé* after it celebrated its 500,000th sale in Latin America in 2011.

(*) SKBergé is a joint-venture between Bergé Automoción and Sigdo Koppers