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The world is heading towards an on-demand, subscriptional and sustainable mobility. Bergé Auto is comitted to pursue new business ventures resulting from this unique scenario.

Bergé Auto has established B4Motion, a Venture + Lab with the goal of becoming a key partner for automotive and new mobility companies in the new digital economy.

Investment Areas

B4Motion is ready to develop, improve and invest in mobility solutions around these four verticals:
  • Automotive

    • Retail Tech
    • Servicing
    • Logistics
  • Shared

    • Subscription Services
    • Shared Assets
    • Transportation
    • Delivery
  • Mobility

    • Predictive Analytics
    • Geospatial
    • Connected Devices
    • Retrofitted Systems
  • Advanced

    • Autonomus
    • New Energy
    • Interoperability
    • New Vehicle


B4Motion is a unique Venture Capital, focused and committed towards boosting existing mobility businesses in Iberian and Latin American markets.

We are currently investing in the following companies…


B4Motion Venture Building activity gathers the most talented experts in a global network, bringing to life technology-driven ideas in the mobility ecosystem.

We have created the following startups…
  • Trive

    Europe's first online end-to-end automotive retailer

  • BotOn

    New generation vehicle-insights company

  • Puedo Circular

    A new low-emission, green-mobility community platform

  • Fleeet

    On-demand vehicle subscription platform for businesses.

  • Cardive

    Comprehensive on-demand vehicle subscription platform

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