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Mitsubishi Motors, star of the 2016 Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona


During the last few days, Mitsubishi Motors has become one of the main attractions at the recently-held Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), in the city of Barcelona.

The SCEWC is the world’s most prestigious meeting on the relationship between the realities of urban life and the technological revolution. Since the first congress in 2011, it has become a global benchmark and a professional, institutional and social meeting point in the context of urban development.

At the Mitsubishi Motors stand, it was possible to follow the maker’s pioneering track record in the development of electric vehicles over more than 50 years. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is currently the best example of this effort, as it is the first chargeable hybrid SUV with four-wheel drive in the world and has been the European and Spanish leader in its segment since it was first marketed.


But the maker’s work in the field of electricity and the automobile does not stop there, as the project named V2X and V2H has been exhibited at the SCEWC. The first of these refers to the flow of electricity from the chargeable vehicle to anywhere outside the car, such as a home, a community or a city during the night, when the demand for energy from the electrical grid is low. In turn, the second discharges the electricity stored in the chargeable vehicle’s battery and supplies it to a household appliance, and can be used even during a power cut. It can also be very useful for houses not connected to the grid (summer homes, mountain cabins, etc.).


This technology offered by Mitsubishi Motors undoubtedly has the potential to contribute to the construction of “smart cities” and to a more rational and sustainable use of energy.