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Mitsubishi Motors España presents EcoLab, a meeting place to answer questions about sustainable mobility


Mitsubishi Motors España recently presented EcoLab, an initiative aimed at raising public awareness about the advantages of environmentally-friendly mobility and answering questions about sustainable mobility. Mario Armero, Executive Vice-President of ANFAC, and Carlos Izquierdo, the Community of Madrid’s Minister of Urban Planning and the Environment participated in the presentation with Vicente Vallés and Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente, the project’s ambassadors.

Mitsubishi Motors España CEO Jorge Belzunce was responsible kicking off the event and thanked guests for attending. Speaking directly to them, Belzunce explained, “you are directly responsible for clean, sustainable mobility. You didn’t shy away from supporting this initiative, turning people on the street into our allies when it comes to achieving the common good of our city and the air we breathe”. He added that, “with Ecolab, Mitsubishi Motors España hopes to connect with an audience that is saturated with messages that are often contradictory, helping them better understand the future of mobility and alternatives available today. We want to share our vision and help clear up questions”.

For his part, Mario Armero, Executive Vice-President of ANFAC, congratulated Mitsubishi España on this initiative, stressing that manufacturers are “a major part of the solution to the emissions problem, and EcoLab is a good example”.

Vicente Vallés also participated in the presentation as the project’s ambassador, praising the initiative by noting that “finally a car brand is truly concerned about clearing the air around existing sustainable mobility information. Finally there will be someone to answer all of the questions we have about eco-driving in a simple, educational way”, adding that, “understanding cars is not enough, now we need to eco-understand”.

Following this sentiment, Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente, daughter of naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, pointed to pollution as one of this century’s greatest problems. “95% of the Spanish population breathes air with a higher level of pollution than that recommended by the World Health Organisation”, Odile noted. She went on to recognise Mitsubishi Motors España’s initiative to “stimulate this necessary change by providing information and contributing to awareness-raising”.

During his speech, Carlos Izquierdo, the Community of Madrid’s Minister of Urban Planning and the Environment announced direct aid to strengthen the move towards clean transportation within the framework of the ‘Emite Cero’ sustainable urban mobility plan. The plan provides two million euros for citizens that buy zero-emission and eco-friendly vehicles, one million euros for the taxi sector, another million euros for commercial vehicles, and 1.5 million euros for the installation of charging stations. He also mentioned that 91 parking garages with 45,000 parking spaces will be built adjacent to collective public transport in order to deter driving. In addition, Izquierdo reminded those in attendance that the event marked three years since the United nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The agreement laid out 17 goals, including the fight against climate change, which perfectly aligns with EcoLab’s mission. Finally, he emphasised that sustainable mobility “is not a means of restricting, to the contrary, it is about making economic and social progress compatible with the environment”.


EcoLab is planned to cover the entire Spanish territory, moving through various Spanish cities with free presentations that are open to the public. Topics relating to sustainable mobility will be addressed, providing information that is useful and practical, such as ways of driving efficiently, environmental labels, traffic restrictions, ways of saving money (taxes, fuel, and maintenance), and other practical themes on charging, emissions, and more.

For more information you can visit:  www.ecolab-mitsubishi.es