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“Let´s talk about sports again”


Mitsubishi España has launched a new Social Media campaign under the title “Let´s talk about sports again”.

The campaign stars Daniel Molina, the Spanish paratriathlon world subchampion, together with his ‘inseparable’ Mitsubishi Outlander 200 MPI CVT.

In these three videos, Dani embarks on a very special journey to find truly unique athletes aboard his Outlander. We will have the opportunity to meet extraordinary athletes, some of them not particularly well known to the general public, but all of whom have something in common … an authentic and unwavering passion for the sport they practice.

Video 1 – What does a world paratriathlon champion and a professional boxer have to talk about? Marta Brañas is making boxing history and breaking old gender stereotypes about this sport.

Video 2 – In the second video, Molina travels to meet Javier Pintado, ex-winter sport athlete who founded the Spanish Bobsleigh Team in 2011, reviving a sport that hasn’t been practised in Spain for over 40 years. He is currently the alderman of his town (Pola de Siero, Asturias) and runs a cafeteria.

Video 3 – In this third video, Molina travels to meet Julio Alberto Amores who, at the age of 23, is among the world track cycling’s elite. He is a three-time Spanish champion and European bronze winner, and part of the Spanish national team.