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Madrid, 19 November 2010.- IDAE (The Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings) and the automobile manufacturer BYD, which distributes electric vehicles in Spain through Bergé Automoción, are actively collaborating to promote the use of the electric vehicles in large cities.

BYD’s F3DM model is classified as a plug-in hybrid vehicle with extended autonomy and is registered in the MOVELE catalogue. IDAE management chose this model for commuting in Madrid for two weeks.


The F3DM is equipped with the new DM technology (Dual Mode), providing 100% electric propulsion through a plug-in system. This provides an electric autonomy of close to 100 kilometres and more than 500 kilometres in hybrid mode. These capacities exceed the distances covered by 80% of users, estimated at roughly 60 kilometres per day.

In addition, the DM technology developed by BYD is convenient for drivers because the vehicle can be recharged to 100% capacity in only 7 hours by plugging it into a domestic outlet. Also, the Fe-type battery mounted in this model can be charged to 50% capacity with a quick, 10-minute charge.


The Institute for “Energy Diversification and Savings” (IDAE) is a public company affiliated to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade through the Secretary of State for Energy.

IDAE’s mission is to develop energy efficiency policies and promote renewable energy sources as directed by the Ministry through different promotion, information and investment instruments.

IDAE actively participates in the promotion of the electric vehicle as a member of the teams developing the Comprehensive Strategy to Promote the Electric Vehicle in Spain (2010-2014) and is directly responsible for executing the comprehensive MOVELE Electric Mobility plan.

Bergé Automoción

Bergé Automoción, the automobile division of Bergé y Cía, is currently the largest private automobile distributor in Spain and Latin America. The company represents a total of 28 brands (between distribution and sales) and is present in Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, and Peru.

Bergé Automoción actively collaborates in the promotion and development of the MOVELE Plan developed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.