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Hyundai with Bergé Automoción


Bergé Automoción launches a new project in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company to distribute its range of commercial vehicles in Spain and Portugal.

Bergé has been collaborating with the Hyundai Group for almost 20 years. Today, this solid and strategic relationship includes such important sectors as automobile distribution (in countries like Portugal, Argentina and Peru, through the subsidiary Kia), logistics, and maritime and financial services.  Both Bergé and Hyundai are focused on strengthening their relationship in upcoming years, both in and outside Spain, and this important agreement is, without a doubt, proof of their commitment.

Currently, the Hyundai Group is the 4th most important automobile manufacturer in the world and the company is launching a new project in its commercial vehicle division, focused on making the company one of the leading players in this industry worldwide.


Hyundai now offers a complete range of commercial vehicles, with presence in Asian, Middle Eastern, African, South American and Eastern European markets (including Russia). Future plans include the development of the division in the competitive European and North American markets.

The agreement with Bergé Automoción, through its import company “Hyundai Trucks Iberia”, constitutes the first step in Hyundai’s strategy to develop its range of products in Western Europe.  And in the short term, the company plans on offering a new range of industrial vehicles adapted to European standards, which will include vans as well as light and heavy trucks, from 3.5 to 40 tons, as well as coaches.

Initially, “Hyundai Trucks Iberia” will offer 5.5 and 6.5 ton models, with 7 frame variations and 2 cabin configurations in Spain and Portugal. The objective is to attract a type of customer that values the quality standards offered by Hyundai vehicles, constituting an attractive alternative to the competition, both in terms of value and versatility.

“Hyundai Trucks Iberia” offers a 3-year or 200,000 km factory warranty, the best conditions currently offered in the market.

In 2011, “Hyundai Trucks Iberia” will focus on creating a network of Spanish dealerships in the 15 most important cities (based on sales potential), offering the highest quality services, specialisation and customer service.

Jaime Fernández Gasset will be the General Manager for this new project. He is a professional with extensive experience in the sector who has been working with Bergé Automoción for over 12 years.