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Hyundai to develop a special series of the Genesis in collaboration with Prada


The HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY, South Korea’s largest automobile manufacturer, and Prada, one of the most prestigious LUXURY brands in the world, will work together to create three exclusive versions of the Genesis, using the most exclusive materials.

One of the vehicles will be previewed during the 2009 edition of the Seoul Auto Show, while the other two will be exhibited in the “Prada Transformer,” a modern building that will house all events related to culture (art, cinema, fashion, etc.) held between March and July of 2009.


The two Genesis models exhibited in the “Prada Transformer” will be auctioned and the profits will be donated to various charities.

Prada designers will work in Italy, in collaboration with HYUNDAI designers, for four months to create these three “special edition” vehicles.

We are making a name for ourselves as high-quality vehicle manufacturers –affirms James Choi, International Sales President of HYUNDAI. We are delighted that Prada, a prestigious international luxury brand, has accepted to work with us, infusing us with their creativity.

HYUNDAI recently launched its line of luxury sedans with the arrival of the Genesis, equipped with V6 and V8 engines. This first special edition may open the door to future collaborations with other prestigious companies.