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Hyundai Spain presents a pioneer anti-crisis plan for the automobile sector


Hyundai Spain presented an anti-crisis plan today for the automobile sector that will become effective on 1 February that consists in paying the car payments for one year of customers who become unemployed. This measure is focused on buyers who finance their car through the Hyundai dealership network and those who pay cash. The objective is to transmit trust to the clients by responding to their specific concerns and needs.


The clients who will benefit from this measure will not be required to make any economic contribution, and the price of their vehicle and financing conditions will not be modified. Furthermore, the measure is universal in that it is available for workers between 18 and 65, regardless of their activity.

Up to 600 Euros per month on financed vehicles

Buyers who purchase a Hyundai vehicle through the Hyundai dealership network and lose their jobs will have 100% of the monthly car payment covered for one year, starting the date they register with the unemployment agency (INEM). The maximum amount to be paid will be 600 Euros per month, an amount that, according to the company, is usually not exceeded in this type of financing.

Economic compensation for vehicles paid for in cash

But the plan does not only include those who finance their vehicles.  Buyers who purchase their Hyundai vehicle in cash will also receive economic compensation if they lose their jobs. In this case, the amount paid will be 350 Euros per month (up to a maximum of twelve months).
Apart from these benefits in case of unemployment, Hyundai also offers compensation for cases of temporary incapacity for all types of workers (freelance, civil servants and employees with temporary work contracts).

The anti-crisis plan is an initiative developed by Hyundai Spain for our country (except the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) and is focused on addressing the most important concern of an overwhelming majority of Spaniards (71.4%): unemployment, according to a CIS survey.

Innovation in customer service

The anti-crisis plan is one more innovation in customer service developed by Hyundai Spain. “Investment in R+D+I to improve the technology in our vehicles is an inherent factor in the automobile sector.

However, we must also innovate in customer relations and service, offering specific solutions that respond to their needs,” stated Diego Gutiérrez-Colomer, the managing director of Hyundai Spain.

The economic crisis is causing automobile sales to plunge. Many potential buyers who currently have the necessary economic resources or financing have decided to postpone their purchase due to lack of confidence. Hyundai’s anti-crisis plan is focused on responding to the growing concerns of customers who are worried about the economic and employment situation in our country, offering them an economic guarantee to help them with their main source of concern, which is the loss of employment.