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EVE and Bergé Automoción


The “Ente Vasco de Energía” (EVE) and Bergé Automoción, distributor of BYD electric automobiles in Spain, have reached a collaboration agreement to introduce these vehicles in the Basque Country in order to accelerate the process of adaptation of the Basque vehicle fleet to this new technology.

EVE, in line with its objectives, proposed a project focused on fostering the introduction of the electric vehicle in the Basque Country in order to make transportation more energy efficient and promote new business opportunities within the automobile, electric equipment and electronics sectors in this region.

Part of this project includes the creation of a critical mass of electric vehicles within the Basque Country’s vehicle fleet. In order to achieve this, these types of vehicles must be made available in the shortest amount of time possible.

In this sense, EVE showed interest in the BYD brand, which will supply 30 F3DM units (hybrid plug-in vehicle) during the next three years, for potential users identified by the Basque government. This agency will facilitate the signing of collaboration agreements and will apply specific incentives programmes for electric automobile purchases.

Also as a result of this agreement, Bergé Automoción will offer EVE electric vehicles soon to be commercialised, so they may be evaluated in advance. This service aims to improve the selection process and ensure the vehicles meet the needs of the buyers.

In addition, both companies will monitor and evaluate the results of the vehicles during the life of the agreement.


In line with this agreement, EVE and Jorge Navea, Director of Bergé Automoción, delivered the first units of BYD’s F3DM in Bilbao, in the presence of Xabier Garmendia (Deputy Councillor of Industry and Energy of the Basque government). This was the first step of the collaboration agreement that will continue until 2013.