Digital Strategy


  • 7M
    unique visitors
  • 1M
    leads generated
  • 22M
    digital interactions
Our Digital Strategy has converted Bergé Auto into one of the most advance automotive distributors in the world, allowing us to run our business at a global scale, with different brands in any market.

Bergé Auto has based its Digital Strategy on these main pillars.

  • Data Driven

    Financing a car should be a friendly, anxiety free experience.

  • Customer Centric

    We avoid hidden surprises. We are fully committed to truth and transparency.

  • Differentiation

    Unique Digital Capabilities to truly create added value for OEM's and dealer networks.

Using the following Transformational Levers as catalyst for change

01 / Operating Model

Best in-class global operating model

To Support our Core Business Activities, we have created our own Technological Platform, providing Real-Time Monitoring of every step in our Business Model, digitally integrating brands, dealer networks and the rest of our stakeholders.

02 / Digital Hub

A New Era for Automotive Distribution

This is Bergé Auto natural evolution in its Digital Strategy, allowing Digital Intelligence to boost performance and agility in our activity.
Digital Hub

Bergé Auto Digital Hub can be operated anywhere in the world, pulling together all social KPI’s, Customer Journeys and Trends, dramatically transforming how Bergé Auto manages and optimizes its Marketing Activity by brand and country.

These are the main features of our Digital Hub:

  1. Digital Intelligence and Analytics

    Predictive modelling based on internal data and external sources.
    Digital Intelligence and Analytics
  2. Marketing Performance Monitoring

    Global monitoring through command center and specialized dashboards.
    Marketing Performance Monitoring
  3. Advertising Investment Optimization

    Programmatic capabilities to streamline marketing strategies and maximize budget resources.
    Advertising Investment Optimization
  4. Digital Lab

    Innovative customer oriented initiatives to generate valuable data and improve CRO, based on in-house laboratory trials (A/B testing, multistep and omnichannel customer interactions...).
    Digital Lab
  5. Interactive Customer Journeys

    Marketing automation capabilities to dramatically improve customer experience and personalization.
    Interactive Customer Journeys
  6. Research and Customer Insights

    Ad hoc reporting for different brands and markets at a global scale (Social listening, Market Analysis, Customer Segmentation...).
    Research and Customer Insights
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