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Delivery of the first 100% electric car in Peru


Delivery of this unit strengthens the alliance recently established between both companies, by which they agreed to promote new sustainable mobility alternatives to reduce the effect of CO2 emissions and acoustic pollution.


Eduardo Zavala, the General Manager at MCAutos del Perú, delivered the vehicle to Ignacio Blanco, General Manager for Endesa Peru, in the presence of Juan Eduardo Errázuriz, CEO of the SKBergé Group, and Takanori Matsuoka, CEO of Mitsubishi Corporation Peru.

Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV technology is highly energy-efficient, as it requires less than a third of the energy consumed by a similar petrol-powered vehicle to drive the same distance, which amounts to an exceptionally low energy consumption. In addition, i-MiEV recovers energy during traffic jams, as the electric engine works as a generator, recharging the battery.


Another clear advantage is the ease of use and simplicity of battery recharge. The recharge process is completely safe and cleaner than refuelling. On the domestic electricity network, i-MiEV fully recharges in seven hours, if the battery is completely empty. On quick charging posts, it would be possible to charge more than 80% of the battery thanks to their 208 V and 50 KW three-phase load.

i-MiEV has been highly successful in the countries in which the programme was implemented, as it helped to promote, with the assistance of public institutions, companies, and other social agents, new forms of mobility that guarantee a sustainable future. These objectives are equally valid in Peru, now that the automotive market is growing rapidly.