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Cristina Gutiérrez presents her new vehicle for the Dakar Rally: the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross


A few days ago, at the Ciudad Financiera del Banco Santander (also known as ‘Santander City’), Cristina Gutiérrez presented the vehicle that will take her on the next edition of the Dakar Rally: the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. From 6-17 January 2019, Cristina will face the world’s toughest rally for the third time, which is slated to begin and end in Peru. “This car is a major competitive leap forward compared to past years. You can go quite fast with it, and it is easier to drive, with better off-road ability. We are not talking about some derivative standard vehicle. This isn’t like anything you can pick up at a dealership. The car’s tubular frame was custom-made for the Dakar Rally. And aesthetically, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is impressive. It’s the most incredible car I’ve ever driven. It really turns heads. The car definitely won’t go unnoticed in Peru”, the driver says.

Cristina Gutiérrez had the chance to test the car at prominent competitions like the Baja Aragón and the Guadalajara Rally: “I enjoyed the two rallies we did to prepare for the Dakar so much. We didn’t go into it looking to win a particular place. The only goal was to run kilometres and adapt myself to a car that is so different from everything I have driven before. Even so, we were really competitive and posted some great times, which makes us optimistic looking towards Peru”.

The young driver from Burgos will face an edition of the Dakar Rally that promises to be as tough as those that have come before. Some 5,000 km await Cristina as she races against the clock, navigating ten stages with the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, 70% of them through sand. Faced with the challenge, the driver says: “As always, when you are face to face with a Dakar Rally, you tackle it with high expectations and a lot of respect for the event. Obviously, the number one goal is to be able to finish the world’s toughest rally for the third consecutive year. But the new car and the new team are going to let us really compete and measure up against our rivals during the Rally’s most gruelling stages. What I know is that, after two years of experience at the Dakar, this year I’m really going to enjoy the test”.