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Christian Horner visits the Infiniti Center in Valencia


The Formula 1 Championship put on a spectacular show in Valencia, in a unique urban race course in the city of the Turia River, with views over the port facilities that hosted the “F1” championship of the sea a few years ago, the America’s Cup.

The race was as exciting as expected, with an incredible battle for first place. In the end, though, and for the seventh time so far this year, it was Sebastian Vettel who climbed to the top of the podium and raised his trophy. The Red Bull Racing driver and world ambassador for Infiniti is the overall leader, thanks to these seven victories and two second place qualifications.


During the race days, Valencia’s Infiniti Center was also the center of attention for F1 fans because that’s where the German driver’ car was exhibited. Last season, he won the driver’s championship with this car and contributed decisively to the results obtained by the constructor as well.

In addition, on Thursday, the RBR team principal, Christian Horner, visited the Infiniti facilities to greet brand executives and offer his impressions about the current Formula 1 season and details about his team’s collaboration with the Japanese luxury automobile brand.

Horner ensured that “the collaboration with Infiniti allows us to open a line of work in the technical development of future F1 cars. As part of the Renault-Nissan alliance, Infiniti is a leader in the development of hybrid and electric motors whose future application in F1 could be very important.”

“Also,” he joked, “it’s important that the drivers, team and I drive the best looking cars in the paddock.”