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BYD Delivers Barcelona’s First Full Electric Taxi


BYD continues its commitment to electric mobility by placing a full electric taxi into operation as part of Barcelona public transport service. The model is the BYD e6.

The e6 is a 5 seater compact MPV, 4.56 metres in length and with 470 litres of luggage capacity which will clearly meet the essential requirements for this type of public service. Its wheelbase of 2.83 metres allows spacious rear seats for its passengers. Also, when we add the (homologated) driving range of 302 kilometres this vehicle becomes an extremely interesting option, because it makes it possible to cover a full day’s work without having to recharge.


The car’s features more than cover all the needs of the working day, equipped as it is with driver and passenger airbags, side airbags, climate control, electric power steering, electric front and rear windows, anti-lock ABS brakes with EBD, power consumption indicator, charge level indicator, indicator for the level of regenerative recharging, alloy wheels, electrically adjustable side mirrors, front and rear parking sensors, braking system with energy regeneration, ISOFIX restraint system and leather steering wheel.

The BYD e6 engine is powered by the BYD Fe (Iron Phosphate) battery which is backed by the more than 39 million kilometres of service in taxis in different cities around the world. The batteries, BYD’s proprietary technology, have a capacity of 61 kWh and an energy regeneration system with which we can provide up to 20% of additional range. The electric motor provides 90 kW (122 hp) and a maximum torque of 450 Nm.
The BYD e6 has an approved consumption of 20.5 kWh per 100 kilometres and recharging can be carried out, always using alternating current and a Type 2 Mode 3 charger (which is the European standard), in as little as 2 hours depending on the charging point. This means that, recharging at night with the “supervalle” (super off-peak) rate, we can drive 100 kilometres at a cost of around 1 euro. We should also bear in mind that half an hour of charging represents 70 km of range.

The BYD e6 comes with a guarantee of 5 years or 500,000 kilometres and 4,000 complete cycles for its battery cells. Also, because of its extensive 100% electric range, BYD e6 attracts the maximum subsidy under the “Plan Movele” of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Energy, which means a discount of 6,500 euros.

BYD in Barcelona

BYD remains committed to urban public mobility and a full electric bus has been driving along the city’s streets since last year. The bus is the BYD eBus, and it is currently the only one capable of completing a full workday on a single charge. In the same vein, BYD is providing its e6 model for the city taxis with special conditions to promote and develop electric mobility in the city, the result of which is this first car registered for this purpose.

BYD as a Public Service Worldwide

BYD is the leader in full electric public mobility. Thanks to its leading position in the manufacture of batteries, it has provided vehicles for users in public transport in numerous cities (see table attached) and shortly it will launch projects for sustainable mobility with the BYD range of vehicles in: Budapest, Salzburg, Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Bonn, Bremen, Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Los Angeles, where in the near future.