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BYD and “Santander eres tú”


The “Santander Eres Tú” solidarity days for employees, were held a few days ago at the Santander Financial City in Madrid and respect for the environment was one of the key themes.


Several BYD electric automobiles were placed at the bank’s disposal, making the objective of achieving a real respect for the environment through alternative mobility a reality.

The chosen model was the BYD F3DM, which integrates three types of energy supply to its mechanical system, via a so called “dual electric + hybrid plug-in”.

BYD’s DM technology is an innovative system, which offers a remarkable total autonomy of approximately 580 kilometres. Keeping in mind the daily transportation needs of the average user (estimated by various independent experts to be no more than 60 kilometres per day), the car can be used for the whole day 100% in electric mode, allowing 0 emissions and at an extremely low cost to the user.

BYD electric automobiles are distributed in Spain by Bergé Automoción.