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Bergé Automoción launches the new brand, Infiniti, in Spain


“LA MONUMENTAL DE LAS VENTAS” BULLRING was the location chosen to present INFINITI in Spain, Nissan’s division of luxury automobiles. The top management of INFINITI EUROPE attended the event, along with senior representatives of BERGÉ AUTOMOCIÓN(responsible for Infiniti in Spain and Portugal), important company clients, celebrities and well-known figures from the corporate, sports and cultural scenes.


Spain becomes one of the first countries in the old continent to import these exclusive automobiles. BERGÉ AUTOMOCIÓN has opened dealerships in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. During 2009, the company will continue to expand its sales network throughout the Spanish territory.

The range of vehicles will initially include 5 models. Saloon customers can choose between the G37 sedan or Coupé. Both incorporate a powerful and effective 3.7-litre gasoline engine that boasts 320 CV.


The SUV range includes the EX37 and the FX37, both equipped with a 3.7-litre gasoline engine with 320CV, and the FX50. The Infiniti FX50 is the top of the range, prepared to compete with the most prestigious European SUV’s. Its V8 engine boasts 390 CV, with an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in less than 6 seconds.