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Bergé Auto winner of the “Constantinus European Award 2016 – Gold Medal”


Bergé Auto has launched an ambitious project to consolidate its position as a reference for innovation in the automotive sector. The project, DRIBER, seeks to get closer to its customers in order to obtain true engagement and deep knowledge of their needs.

The work has involved designing an integrated management system for Bergé Auto’s business, based on SAP and Salesforce tools, the aim of which is to integrate all available data, make processes more automatic, develop a single operating model, enable multichannel CRM and to set up advanced business intelligence tools. This will make it possible for Bergé Auto to develop an innovative strategy in greater collaboration with its distribution network, which will result in improved services and products for the final customer.

The DRIBER project will be a relevant element of Bergé Auto’s new strategic plan, aimed at consolidating a global growth, with a customer centric approach while developing a high performance business.

“The new consumer behaviour requires the design of a custom value proposition, aligning the business strategy with customer´s evolution and needs. This is where the DRIBER project is key for successfully dealing with these new challenges,” said Jorge Navea, CEO at Bergé Auto.

Winner of the Constantinus Award 2016 in the highest category

Bergé Auto’s project, developed together with EY (Ernst & Young), has been awarded the “Constantinus European Award 2016 Gold Medal Europe” (for the best consultancy project in Europe this year), and the “Constantinus National Champion Award – Spain” (best national project.

Constantinus Gala 2006 / Grazer Congress

Manuel Giralt, Partner at EY, confirmed that “The DRIBER Project is the result of over a year and a half’s of intense work, and a clear example of differentiation in an increasingly globalized and digital market, via knowledge on the customer and the transformation of the operating model of the company”.

Both awards were presented at a Ceremony on the 6th of October in Brussels, during the annual FEACO Conference (European Federation of Management Consultancy Association). Bergé Auto is the first company in the automotive sector to receive this internationally recognised award, and EY is also the first of the “Big Four” European consultant companies in Spain to receive this award.

The Constantinus Awards started out in Austria and this year was their fifth year in operation. It was in 2010 that the FEACO decided to promote them on a European level, driven by the Austrian association, to the national associations – the AEC (Spanish Consultancy Association) is a member for the FEACO.
The panel for the Constantinus European Award is made up of a group of international experts in the consultancy sector, as well as important figures from the business world.