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Bergé Auto continues to grow and invests in new mobility ventures


Bergé Auto has closed a record 2016 with 113,000 units sold (regarding both distribution and retail), which means its 8th year of uninterrupted growth, to reach the figure of 2 million vehicles sold from the start of its activities in 1979.

Over 1 million clients in Spain and Portugal have purchased an automobile from Bergé Auto throughout these 38 years. This is the best proof of the unique, diversified, efficient and innovative business model offered by Bergé Auto, always aware of the specific needs of its customers. Bergé Auto represents a wide range of makes in this region (both Distribution and Retail) and closed the financial year with sales of 33,000 units.

In the Latin American market, the year closed with sales of 80,000 units (both Distribution and Retail). According to markets, the sales in Chile, exceeding 37,000 units with a 11% market share, and Peru, also exceeding 37,000 units with a 17% market share, should be highlighted.

The important investments in both Chile and Peru should also be underlined, with the opening and extension of facilities dedicated to automobile logistics and spare parts, which will be a key element in supporting the future expansion of business in these growing markets.

Furthermore, recognizing the global trend towards a more customer-led economy in the current digital environment, Bergé Auto is committed to pursue new business ventures resulting from this unique scenario. For that matter it has established B4Motion, a company which is put forward as a “Venture-Lab” in compliance with two main objectives: the creation of current value in the traditional vehicle distribution business and participation in mobility companies.