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Bergé Auto closes 2018 with record sales and drives its international growth with the entry into the Swiss market


Bergé Auto, a leading company in the distribution of automobiles, has entered the Swiss market through the distribution of Hyundai vehicles. Following that of Finland in 2018, this operation, framed in its strategic international plan, opens the access of the company to an important market in Europe, consolidating its expansion in this continent, while including a leading global brand within its activities.

Thomas A. Schmid, Chief Operating Officer at Hyundai Motor Europe HQ, assures that «We are delighted that Bergé Auto, a solid, experienced and growth-oriented company, is investing in Hyundai in Switzerland. Their proven business strengths and forward-looking approach of vehicle distribution are the right match for the European strategies and values of Hyundai. Our brand has a bright future in Europe, and we are convinced that Bergé Auto has all the qualities necessary to successfully fulfil the future potential of Hyundai in Switzerland. »

Hyundai is currently the second best-selling brand of Asian origin in the Swiss market, with sales of 8,200 units, a turnover of 238 million Euros and a market share of 2.7% as of its 2018 closing.

Jorge Navea, CEO of Bergé Auto states that “It is with great pride that Bergé Auto launches this new Distribution project in the Swiss market, representing Hyundai Motor Company, one of the main and most respected automobile manufacturers at a global level. With a product range in constant renovation, we must note its determination for sustainable mobility and new technologies. A brand, with which we are also united by an extensive and successful collaboration.

Bergé Auto proposes to notably expand this presence by contributing its proven experience in the international distribution of automobiles, while applying an ambitious strategy based on the digitalization of all its activities with a clear customer centric approach.

In addition, the following will also be key elements for this growth: promotion of the great values associated with the Korean brand, determined support for the current dealer network and the capitalization of a robust launch strategy of new products in the next few years.

Bergé Auto reached a turnover of 2,950 million euros (+23% over 2017), an EBITDA of 148 million euros (+15.5% over 2017) and closed with record sales of 151,000 units (19.5% over 2017). That obtained in the Finnish market where Bergé Auto began its operations in 2018 with the Kia and Mitsubishi brands reached 8,000 units sold, a turnover of 154 million euros and market share of 6.2%, have also contributed to these excellent results.

Bergé Auto hopes to achieve sales of 170,000 units in 2019, with an estimated turnover of 3,400 million euros. This growth consolidates Bergé Auto as one of the main distribution groups in Europe and Latin America.

On the other hand, SKBergé, its Latin American subsidiary, is negotiating a strategic agreement with Banco Santander Chile for the financing of vehicles sold in that country. This agreement materializes that signed in 2007, whereby the shares of SKBergé in the bank’s financing company are transferred back.

In addition, the commercial alliance between these two parties is renewed for the coming years, with agreements in financing for both dealers, as well as direct customers.

As a basis to be able to continue boosting its ambitious growth plan, Bergé Auto is also actively working on the capitalization of new business initiatives through B4Motion (its Venture + Lab), with the objective to conform an interrelated ecosystem of companies that provide added value for the future development of the automotive sector as an associated product to mobility.