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B4Motion: the #drivevolution


B4Motion is a Venture Lab, created by Bergé Auto, dedicated to improving and developing present and future mobility, creating opportunities, and participating in new and promising initiatives. Its activity revolves around researching, investing, and creating new companies related to the industry of mobility.

The B4Motion team is made up of professionals with long-standing careers in the area of startups, the auto industry, and venture capital / venture building, who are joining forces with one of the greatest experts in the automotive sector. This combination of talent has allowed for the creation of a leading team that is already contributing to transforming the way that people and goods are moved from one place to another and their interaction with each other.

The idea behind B4Motion arose two years ago, when a strong trend towards change and evolution in the area of mobility was detected. After various months of in-depth analysis as to what was happening in this ecosystem, the needs of the users, the economic implications of the change, the role of public institutions, and the problems that need to be solved, the company was able to define it´s 5-year framework of activity.

These are the foundations on which B4Motion carries out its activity, focused on the automotive value chain, but also beyond that, looking towards models for future cities and businesses that orbit around the transport of people and goods, connectivity, and the various technologies that will define this new mobility in the coming years.

Trive: the first Venture Builder project

B4Motion has already launched the first startup incubated in its Lab: Trive, the first e-commerce platform for new vehicles in Spain. The portal is mainly geared towards improving the car-buying process, without leaving the digital environment. To do this, state-of-the-art virtual reality and live stream technologies were introduced, letting the user get to know the car in the most realistic way possible without leaving the house. As an added value proposal, the company offers free test drives for all the cars in their multi-brand catalogue, personally brining the vehicles to the address the user requests (www.gotrive.com).

B4Motion has also made its first investment within its Venture Capital facet in the startup llollo, which has created a mobile-based long-term parking solution at very competitive prices. (www.llollo.com)

Soon, B4Motion will announce its next investments and launches of its own businesses related to the automotive value chain.