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B4Motion: Developing opportunities in the world of digital mobility


B4Motion is a company founded by Bergé Auto with the aim of analysing, managing and providing solutions and added value with regard to future market trends in the vehicle distribution market scenario, this being the traditional market of Bergé Auto.

B4Motion is put forward as a “Venture-Lab” in compliance with two main objectives: the creation of current value in the traditional vehicle distribution business and participation in mobility companies.


The change in user trends regarding the analysis of vehicle purchase possibilities, together with the emergence of new digital technologies, indicate the movement towards differentiation in the distribution business. This new scenario is based on a different user experience. Therefore, B4Motion is developing an end-to-end option in the Lab environment for the user experience to be free from any distortion or disruption of the identity the brand image intends to convey. In this manner, the distribution option is completed not only via a physical retail channel but also via a digital environment (brick&click model).

Likewise, as Venture Capital, B4Motion is analysing all existing mobility companies (this being understood as the entire ecosystem relating to the need for transport of persons and goods from point A to point B) in order to detect any possible mutual interest and to acquire part of their shareholding. In this way, B4Motion intends to provide value, encourage and develop the business of acquired companies in conjunction with their main managers.