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Agreement Endesa – Bergé


Endesa will collaborate in the electric supply and installation of recharge areas for electric vehicles and will provide other energy products in Bergé Automoción facilities or subsidiary facilities. In addition, the agreement includes the possibility of offering this service to the users of vehicles represented by Bergé Automoción in the future.


Bergé Automoción will contribute its experience in the automobile distribution sector and logistics associated to fleet management, and will also provide the vehicles it represents for the different projects Endesa is developing in Spain.

Initially, Bergé Automoción will provide Endesa with BYD electric vehicles, among other brands, to be used in the “SmartCity” project. This project, spearheaded by Endesa and developed in Malaga, proposes a new energy management model for cities focused on achieving energy savings of 20% and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 6,000 tons per year.

Endesa has established a development policy for a sustainable transportation model, based on the electric vehicle as one of the main ways to fight against the climate change, the fundamental pillar of its Strategic Sustainability Plan 208-2012. For this reason, the company currently participates in various national and European projects aimed at the standardization, definition of the business model and consolidation of the electric vehicle in society, among other objectives. In Spain, the company participates in the Cenit Verde project and in the development of the government’s Electric Mobility plan (MOVELE), as well as in other projects to promote the integration of electric vehicles in smart networks like SmartCity, DER-22@, REVE, and in research and demonstration projects for electric vehicles in Europe including G4V y ELVIRE.