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Agreement between Iberdrola and BYD España


The ultimate aim of the agreement is to promote the progressive implementation of electric mobility in Spain, as part of both companies’ commitment to sustainability.


The agreement was signed this morning at Iberdrola’s Madrid headquarters by Sebastián Canadell Mora, General Manager at New Energy Vehicles, and José Carlos Villalvilla, Head of Eco-efficiency and Energy Services at Iberdrola.

The agreement, which will be initially valid for a year and will be renewed on annual basis unless either one of the parties decide otherwise, establishes a framework for collaboration which envisages, among many other aspects, cross-recommendation of electric mobility products and services which are currently offered by both companies.

In this way, Iberdrola agrees to lead their customers towards BYD vehicles, while the car manufacturer will do the same with the Iberdrola Movilidad Verde initiative, a comprehensive commercial solution which includes electric vehicles, the infrastructure necessary for recharge, financing, and supply of 100% renewable Green Energy.

According to the agreement, both companies will also establish means for collaboration to jointly exploit any commercial opportunities which might arise in their respective customer portfolios, and will also periodically hold technology exchange meetings in which the technical requirements for the car manufacturer vehicles and the electricity company’s charge points will be expounded.

In addition, Iberdrola and BYD Spain agree to take their respective offers into account in the future. Iberdrola will specifically consider purchase of BYD electric vehicles for its corporate fleet, and BYD will take Iberdrola into account when it comes to energy supply and recharge solutions for its Spanish dealership and office network.

This agreement ratifies both companies’ commitment to sustainable development and showcases their intention of contributing to create value in the industrial and service sectors, already displayed in their respective business projects.

About BYD España

BYD is distributed in Spain by New Energy Vehicles, a company owned by Bergé Automoción.

Bergé Automoción is the largest private automobile distributor in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. It represents a total of 26 makes (between distribution and retail) present in Spain, Portugal, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina.

BYD will market in Spain several electric vehicle models, such as the F3DM and E6 cars; the S6DM SUV and the K9 electric bus, covering a large part of current demand. Its cars were included in the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade MOVELE Programme.

About Iberdrola 

Iberdrola is a global private company, with a wide experience arising from its more than 150 years of history and approximately 32,000 employees in dozens of countries all over the world. It services approximately 31 million customers. As a result of its strong growth and internationalisation process, started in 2001, Iberdrola is currently the first Spanish energy group and the world leader in the wind energy sector.