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Agreement between HC Energía and BYD


HC Energía and BYD have reached a commercial collaboration agreement for dealing with the demands of public organisms, private companies and individuals related to electric vehicles in Spain.

HC Energía will deal with the demands for any infrastructure on which vehicle recharging may depend, which will be carried out at the customer’s request in the sales points of BYD. At the same time, added value will be provided by commercialising other services related to electric vehicles, such as installation, maintenance and financing, at the premises of BYD or commercially related with it.

BYD, with the support of Bergé Automoción, will provide its experience in automobile import and distribution and in the logistical procedures associated with fleet management, and will place electric vehicles in the market in order to meet the various needs of customers, both public and private, and to deal with the pilot projects that HC Energía is carrying out in Spain. When customers purchase an electric vehicle from BYD, they can also access the services provided by HC Energía.


HC Energía and BYD are both members of FOREVE, the Spanish Electric Vehicle Forum, as both companies have a strategic interest in promoting the use of this electric mobility technology.

 BYD Auto

BYD Auto is represented in Spain by Bergé Automoción, the largest private automobile distributor in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. The company represents a total of 25 brands (between distribution and sales) and is present in Spain, Portugal, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

BYD will commercialise several electric vehicles in Spain, such as the F3DM and E6 cars, the S6DM SUV and the K9 electric bus, which will cover a large portion of the existing demand. Its sedans were included in the MOVELE Programme of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

HC Energía

HC Energía, a Spanish company belonging to the Edp Group, is a leading operator in the power sector.  The company heads the electric vehicle implementation strategy in Asturias, with lines of action related to private individuals, companies and public administrations that already translate into over fifty recharging stations for electric vehicles.

HC Energía has a balanced electricity and gas commercial portfolio with more than two million customers distributed all over Spain, and has its own electricity and/or gas distribution networks in eleven autonomous communities.