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Agreement between BYD and Barcelona City Council


Representing Barcelona City Council were the Mayor of the Catalan capital, Mr Xavier Trías and Mr Joaquim Forn – President of Barcelona Metropolitan Transport -; present on behalf of BYD were Mr Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD in Europe and Mr Sebastián Canadell, Managing Director of the brand in Spain.

The signing of this agreement is the result of several meetings held between the Municipal Government, TMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Transport) and the BYD management team in Spain (the latter of which belongs to Bergé Automoción), aimed at consolidating public transport with alternative energies, in this case electric, as the core strategy for the development of more efficient and sustainable mobility in the city.


The “eBus-12” which had already been tested by TMB in June last year, was fully designed and developed by BYD and offers a pure electric range of 250 kilometres, making it the ideal vehicle for daily urban use, with no need to rely on inconvenient intermediate charging. The BYD “eBus-12” is 12 metres long, has a capacity for 70 passengers and its body can be equipped with 2 or 3 side doors; it has all of the safety systems required for this type of passenger transport vehicle, and all of the access and travel facilities for the disabled.

In addition to being a pioneer in public transport of this kind and offering an alternative with clean energy to its citizens, Barcelona City Council is achieving a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions and significant savings in fuel costs, which will increase with the integration of future additional units.

BYD has been committed to mobility with alternative energies for over a decade, as demonstrated by its use of the latest battery technologies, which contribute so much to the production of vehicles which are both long-range and pure electric, and by the application of this cutting-edge technology to its buses for public transport.

In the city of Shenzhen there are currently 250 BYD “eBus-12” buses on the roads and agreements have been signed to supply units to several European cities such as: Frankfurt, Budapest, Brussels, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Schiermonnikoog (Holland).