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Adventure in its purest form


The Dakar Rally is the benchmark for all-terrain vehicle competitions. This race, which has taken place in the first two weeks of every year since 1979, usually mobilises an enormous convoy, with hundreds of extremely well prepared vehicles and thousands of people, supported by a complex logistical system, across deserts and tortuous roads which nobody normally passes. However, the real challenge is to complete it in a production car which is even equipped with normal road tyres, and to do so completely alone.


This has been the incredible challenge for two Portuguese drivers, Alexandre Correia and Paulo Calisto, at the wheel of the new Kia Sorento, travelling a total of 7436 kilometres in 15 days and on many occasions exceeding 4000 metres altitude. Adventure in its purest form, where the Kia Sorento has emphatically demonstrated its reliability, comfort and off-road capabilities, in some of the most hostile areas of the American continent.